Life Style Development

Knowing the important things in our lives.

We seek to connect with the forest, think about the flowing rivers and protect the transparent waters of the ocean, so that we ourselves can continue to thrive.
We give thought to the diversity and happiness of microorganisms in the ocean, fish in the river and animals and plants that live in the forest, knowing it will also benefit the people we love.
These are the important things we care about


We aspire to enhance coexistence between nature and futuristic urban living, to more closely integrate the wild and the urban, toward a world where we can lead a holistic life style.





About Us

In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in April 2011, founder Junko Yoshimizu returned to Japan from the Indian side of the Himalayas and established QUSUYAMA LLC.
We handle essential oils made from plants harvested and extracted in the native forests of Nepal. Our products are prized by aromatherapists as Wild Grade Essential Oils and are cherished by customers as Himalayan Essential Oils based on sustainable forestry.
We have continuously sought to raise the profile of aromatic oils and expand our customer base by holding seminars on handmade cosmetics using the oils and aromatherapy throughout Japan. We also travel to mountainous regions in an effort to apply our knowledge of essential oil production to the domestic forestry industry, and have begun research on indigenous plant species with the understanding and cooperation of the local community.


Harvesting lindera from a natural forest in Higashi Izu, near the founder’s hometown.




From Upstream to Downstream

We share ideas with our customers on the value of their forest resources and offer assistance in linking marketing and forest development. Please feel free to consult us on the entire process from branding to commercialization, or on any specific topic.

Development of new products as alternatives to building materials
We welcome small-lot orders for products (examples: aromatic oils; household goods and cosmetics; miscellaneous goods).
Support for utilizing resources
We offer support in exploring options for using forest resources to provide “experiences” instead of “goods” (example: ecotourism).
PR activities
We assist in exhibiting products at trade shows, offer advice on photo shoots for SNS, and create SNS posts on behalf of customers.


From Downstream to Upstream

Some forest products aren’t easy to get when you need them. We can help you find them, both in Japan and abroad.


Examples: wood with many knots / wood with worm holes and other interesting features / fresh leaves from diverse plants / wood shavings and sawdust / large and small lots of wood cut in the shape of your preference / mountain moss / photographs of broad-leaved forests and snowy mountains / filming locations / galleries / audio materials of birdsong and insect sounds.



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OEM Services

We are always open to consultations on developing products based on natural fragrances and blending perfumes. We also accept small-lot orders, so please feel free to contact us.


Cokage >>

We offer advice on new ways to make effective use of forest resources, both in Japan and around the world. Please feel free to contact us.

We will send information on our track record and past cases by email or by post >>

We mainly handle wild-grade, hand-crafted products. Our product lineup includes: wild-grade hand-crafted paper products, raw materials for Japanese plant-dyed fabric, organic products, preservative-free and fungicide-free wood products, and minerals.

【The Secret behind the Mellowness】

We are often complimented for the mellowness of our Himalayan essential oils. One of the reasons behind this mellowness lies in the fact that the oils are distilled at low temperatures using firewood. This was not by design, but by necessity. There was simply no money to buy other fuels. However, it proved to be a blessing.
Instead of giving up because you don’t have the resources, you can come up with a creative solution.
And as long as you maintain a consistent goal and persist toward it, you will eventually achieve that goal in the best way possible. Our oils are being distilled with great care through long hours of work, high up in the Himalayan mountains where the air is thin to begin with.


Water is an extremely important element in producing our essential oils.
The use of healthy and vigorous plant materials is certainly important, but the quality of water is an aspect that is too often overlooked.
Essential oils are produced by distilling plants over a long period, so the quality of water has a significant impact on the quality of the end product.
The Himalayan essential oils we handle are made using natural spring water near the distilleries. And at refineries in Japan where we supervise the quality of the fragrances, we request the use of water that nurtures the forest where the plant materials were collected.
These are some of the secrets behind the unrivaled quality of products offered by QUSUYAMA.

Act local

Think global