Overview of Our Activities


Financing issues
Slump in timber price → Decline in profit → Lack of funding for reforestation → Dependence on subsidies
Human issues
Aging staff, loss of interest among forest owners
Environmental issues
Growing number of untended forests causing deterioration in disaster prevention, biodiversity and natural scenery


Cost reduction
Sapling improvement, introduction of highly efficient logging machinery, enhancement of road networks
Creative ideas for distribution, processing and marketing
Larger lumbermills, direct delivery that bypasses the market, overseas export
Development of diverse forests
Development of forests comprising fast-growing trees in addition to cedar, cypress and larch, development of broad-leaved forests, creation of new values for forest products other than timber, forest management based on partial cutting, and other solutions


Activity Report
Invited as an aromatics expert to the “MOKUJUKU” event hosted by Odai Town in Mie Prefecture.
Acted as coordinator for a presentation meeting on the results of a joint forest management venture between the Miyagawa Forestry Association and Fujitsu Ltd. From then on, began actively pursuing collaborations with companies through lectures and other activities.
Engaged in third product development with Fermenstation Co., Ltd. and worked on nurturing the broad-leaved forest in Odai Town, Mie Prefecture, by providing consulting on product development and marketing, as well as supportive services for expanding sales channels. Traveled to France, Italy and the U.K. to conduct on-site sales and market research, and won overseas orders.
Presented a joint report with General Agriculture & Forestry Co., Ltd. on creating new uses for forest resources at an employee training seminar held by the Daiei Kankyo Group.